Emerson • Seven Months

December 20th, 2017 // SEVEN MONTHS


Height: 28.5”

Weight: 19.2lbs


“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

2 Timothy 1:7



You have been my greatest gift apart from my salvation and your daddy. My love for you runs deeper than any capacity I have ever imagined and I weep in awe of how blessed I am in you, my son.

The love of God is revealed to me within you—within us—as I experience the greatness of this love. That this is the love as the Father has sustained for us in Him and that He offered the world his only son that we may be saved. The wonder the stirs within me in recognizing this great love, to be still and rest in it still.

Moreover still, to contemplate Abraham yet again, as he was tested to offer his beloved son for the sake of God’s will. This biblical recount had always impacted me but after receiving you in my life I can see and feel and know more clearly the faith and obedience to commit to such a request. That Abraham’s great love for his most-hoped for son was not to trump the love and faithfulness to our God who had provided him with both a son and a ram to take his son’s place on the alter and yet still also His own son to take our place on the cross.

I also more greatly understand Abraham’s naming then of that place “The Lord Will Provide” as this testimony is about far more than a display of obedience alone.

I can observe the faith demonstrated by Abraham as it had made him righteous as I wish also to never allow my engulfing love for you distract from the powerful love for our Savior and that we would never be tested in such as Abraham was.

I pray always and often that you would never be taken from me, my baby boy, not in body, in spirit, or in mind.

Love is powerful and mighty among us, my cutie. God is love and God is within us, among each of us, and between us as a family.

Your daddy and I have named you Emerson and call you powerful and brave, as these things you very much so are.

You have the spirit of God within you—a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.

May you dwell in the Lords favor and peace, without fear or a spirit of timidity, rather, that you would live righteously with strength and joy and peace as the Lord leads you.

May you always know the favor you have with your daddy and me as well as the mighty blessings you have flourished into our lives. You truly are my baby king and I love you tremendously.

Momma-always, xoxo


P.S. Merry Christmas my sweet baby boy! the ornament on your board is your favorite on our tree (it’s yours from this year as it is a daddy reindeer holding his son) and the red fox is yours from before you were even known. Your daddy and I bought this red fox along with two others on our first Christmas as a married couple—one for each your daddy, me, and our first born child. You have been greatly cherished and thought about along us from before there ever was an “us” at all, xox