Emerson • 32 Weeks

December 30th, 2017



Emerson is amazing at knowing when things are out of place or there’s something different. He can pick out the odd-ball in a batch or know when something has changed. He is intuitive and strong in his mind.

Emerson is also resilient to change and tasks. He has stamina and endurance throughout the day or through events that may otherwise make him tired or upset. He also handles pain incredibly well, even if he gets poked by Leroux’s claw during play, or touches something a little too hot, he gives a little grunt and observes the circumstances to learn from them.

Emerson has also been growing and growing as he is now seven months young but fits socks meant for 18-24 month olds and clothes that can be up to 12-18 months in size.


He doesn’t love solid foods yet or messy play, but I make a point to offer him exploratory time with both each day to encourage him and give him the opportunities to engage with different textures, tastes, sounds, and even temperatures.

He is thriving on breastmilk still and as long as he is growing, healthy, hydrated, and gets a full tummy, I am assured that he is getting all the calories and nutrition he needs directly from me.

I love breastfeeding and everything about it. The bonding, convenience, oxytocin release, eye contact, skin to skin time, effects in my body and especially seeing him thrive in his mind and body and knowing he is fueled by the supply he receives from within me. It’s amazing.

Sometimes I look and think “oh my gosh” because I can see features in his face that will be there forever, like I’m getting a glimpse into the little boy face that will become his big boy face that will one day become his man face... oh my gosh. I can’t think about that yet!

This week emerson also loved showing off his super cool swim moves when we went for a dip with his dad along with Jenna and Kevin in their jacuzzi on Saturday evening.


Emerson also has been wonderfully tolerant of all the icky feelings and burdens that come along with being sick.

My cutie baby boy has his first cold and I have been covering him in prayer, rubbing him with essential oils and salve, giving him warm cuddles in a steam shower, cool air humidifier, essential oils in the nebulizer, skin to skin cuddles, relaxed play time, plenty of breastmilk, and as much rest as he’s willing to have. I love him so much and this morning our Bible verse was meant just for him— “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”



DIY No Stretch Mark Oil Recipe

No-stretch-mark oil

This is a recipe my friend gave me that’s she swore by and I found to be a helpful alternative to store bought creams that contain harsh ingredients or components that I don’t trust. 



  • Sweet Almond oil
  • avocado oil
  • fractionated coconut oil
  • grape seed oil

Medium amount of:

  • Rose hip oil

Few drops of:

  • myrrh
  • Frankincense

Mix all ingredients together in a glass bottle with an easy pump for convenience and apply liberally throughout the day.

Also, using a dark glass bottle will preserve the essential oils best 👌🏻

I pretty much did an application once at night before bed and I didn’t get any stretch marks on my belly, I did however get some small stretch marks on my breasts and a slight hint of some on my right hip—I suppose there is a balance of genetics and prevention effort as far as stretch marks go and my genetics just weren’t in my favor here. 

I enjoyed the smell and feel of my skin after applying but I do recommend having a tummy band of sort or tank top that you don’t mind getting a bit tinted from the orangy color of the oil while you sleep.  


Helpful Links • Prepping for Parenting

Here are some interesting links I gathered while I was still pregnant surrounding the wonderful world of parenting:


1. Ted talks:

This is a collection of nine different and interesting Ted Talks about parenting, who doesn’t love a good Ted Talk, am I right?! 

2. Fixed vs growth mindset:

This is a concept I have been reading more and more about in my research but this video just makes it most easily understood and shared. I want to send this video to every grandparent so they at least have exposure to the concept.

(video at bottom)

3. 1st mo. senses development:

I think as pregnant people we tend to research a lot about pregnancy and birth but it’s really essential to be educated on when the baby is actually out in my opionion. This is a nice outline of what our littles experience in their first month so we can be best equipped to help in their development.

Birth • Plan of Action

JFK Hospital 


Early labor:

• Home laboring: watch this helpful video

• Get car ready

• Text:

  • Dad and Marlene so they can drive down (from 5 hours away) 

• Rest

• Take probiotics

• Call my doctor at her office 


Active labor to transition:

•Start acupressure point:

• Leave to hospital

  • Contractions 3-1-2

— 3min apart-1min long- 2hours straight

  • Can't talk between contractions
  • Mood change (irritable, dislike talking)


  • Big ball
  • Peanut ball
  • Placenta cooler and (2) gallon zip locks
  • Yoga mat
  • Snacks (keifer, frozen grapes, apples, banana, dates, coconut water, green drink, protein bar, hard boiled eggs)
  • Car seat
  • Ginger
  • Oils (spray bottle)
  • Crock pot
  • Cameras and cards
  • Chargers
  • Birth plan
  • Hospital bags
  • Headphones/speaker braven
  • Essential oils and diffuser
  • Cookies for nurses


  • Rest of family
  • Joanna (the placenta encapsulator) for placenta pick up 

At hospital & Transition:

Emerson's birth should only be 1-3 hours after arrival 🙌🏻👐🏻🤞🏻

• No phone use, just be present with me

• Set up camera(s) for video/photos

• Remind nurses we will take placenta

(sign papers if needed)

• Switch nurses if we get the nurses my doctor said I wouldn’t like 

one of the perks of really getting on board with my doctor was that she grew to know me well so when I asked her if there were specific nurses at the hospital that may not match up with me as well as others she had some recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask for a different nurse if you two don’t jam well together, it’s a big important event and you want your team to be supportive and awesome.


Post delivery:

• Text & Get placenta to Joanna

• Rest in quiet with Emerson 2hrs+

• Take pictures

(Joseph take pictures of us as new family)

we did not want to hire a birth photographer because we truly wanted to keep the imtimacy of having just us as our little family there. Ryan is a professional photographer (as am I) so he could handle setting up some equipment to capture what we wanted without distracting himself from the events of the day and we chose to have Joseph and Kate (who are actually Emerson’s god-parents) come in after to take some pictures of us as a new little family.

• Tell family

• Get a lot of take home supplies

this was great to get a peri-bottle and pads etc for the less than fun after party that happens in your pants following a baby making way through the birth canal.

Ryan actually set up our toilet diaper sprayer which served as a better alternative to the peri-bottle but the super cute undies (🙅🏻‍♀️) and pads were great to have on hand.


Emerson • Seven Months

December 20th, 2017 // SEVEN MONTHS


Height: 28.5”

Weight: 19.2lbs


“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

2 Timothy 1:7



You have been my greatest gift apart from my salvation and your daddy. My love for you runs deeper than any capacity I have ever imagined and I weep in awe of how blessed I am in you, my son.

The love of God is revealed to me within you—within us—as I experience the greatness of this love. That this is the love as the Father has sustained for us in Him and that He offered the world his only son that we may be saved. The wonder the stirs within me in recognizing this great love, to be still and rest in it still.

Moreover still, to contemplate Abraham yet again, as he was tested to offer his beloved son for the sake of God’s will. This biblical recount had always impacted me but after receiving you in my life I can see and feel and know more clearly the faith and obedience to commit to such a request. That Abraham’s great love for his most-hoped for son was not to trump the love and faithfulness to our God who had provided him with both a son and a ram to take his son’s place on the alter and yet still also His own son to take our place on the cross.

I also more greatly understand Abraham’s naming then of that place “The Lord Will Provide” as this testimony is about far more than a display of obedience alone.

I can observe the faith demonstrated by Abraham as it had made him righteous as I wish also to never allow my engulfing love for you distract from the powerful love for our Savior and that we would never be tested in such as Abraham was.

I pray always and often that you would never be taken from me, my baby boy, not in body, in spirit, or in mind.

Love is powerful and mighty among us, my cutie. God is love and God is within us, among each of us, and between us as a family.

Your daddy and I have named you Emerson and call you powerful and brave, as these things you very much so are.

You have the spirit of God within you—a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.

May you dwell in the Lords favor and peace, without fear or a spirit of timidity, rather, that you would live righteously with strength and joy and peace as the Lord leads you.

May you always know the favor you have with your daddy and me as well as the mighty blessings you have flourished into our lives. You truly are my baby king and I love you tremendously.

Momma-always, xoxo


P.S. Merry Christmas my sweet baby boy! the ornament on your board is your favorite on our tree (it’s yours from this year as it is a daddy reindeer holding his son) and the red fox is yours from before you were even known. Your daddy and I bought this red fox along with two others on our first Christmas as a married couple—one for each your daddy, me, and our first born child. You have been greatly cherished and thought about along us from before there ever was an “us” at all, xox


Emerson • 31 Weeks

December 23rd, 2017



He said momma about five times this week (as a six month old baby boy), he only really says it when I’m just out of sight as if he is calling out to me but when he has me in his arms or the full attention of my face he is satisfied enough not to repeat himself

He also has really advanced in the recognition of his own name, he will turn to his name and respond consistently and well.


We went to my dads house for an early Christmas and he loved hanging out with his grandpa and grandma, opening presents, exploring in the field behind their house, going on long morning walks and playing with his aunt Angela.

Angela and Juliette are taking an ASL class in college and we’re enjoying signing to Emerson as he smiled and laughed.


We took him to the beach where all the monarch butterflies in the area gather together and fill the skies and trees with gentle flutters as we walked down to the shore to climb trees and watch the ocean.

We also took him tide pooling at shell beach, we went on crisp morning walks everyday with his carrier, explored the tall grass and fox tail things in the field behind his grandma and grandpas house, and we ate a lot of meat.


My dad and Ryan had a lot of fun cooking, roasting, and barbecuing everyday and my tummy was happy as well.

Emerson cut his second tooth (12/21/2017) his bottom right (my left side) was his first tooth to pop out and now the tooth directly next to it is making its pearly white appearance.

He doesn’t smile or giggle with other babies often, in fact, he always seems pretty unimpressed with other babies. He does however love to look in the mirror still or see pictures of himself certainly because he knows he’s the cutest baby in the world but he has also recently seen a picture of me as a baby hanging in my moms house that he loves to look at with a growing smile and gestures of excitement. This makes my heart swell with joy! My baby boy thinks I was a cutie baby and it feels good.

He still loves light sabers as I make a “drrrren-drrrren” sound as we swing it through the air.


He has tried bits of avocado blended with breastmilk as well as whole fat Greek yogurt. He didn’t seem to be a big fan of either but the yogurt made him poop about five times (which is a symptom of baby diarrhea) so we will be nixing that one for a while.

His hair is growing in more and more and it makes him look more grown up, everyone has been commenting on his perfect head shape and swirl on the back of his head and how perfectly perfect he is.


About My Childhood

I grew up as the middle of three sisters in South Lake Tahoe California. I was always outside riding my bike as a black stallion, fostering tiny communes of tadpools and butterflies from eggs, hanging in tree forts in the spring and making snow castles in the winter. I remember warm summer evenings on our family boat, chilly mornings fishing in the pond, and my interest in nature fueling my inner being.

I was a skier from the time I could walk and a snowboarder from the time I discovered skiing was for oldies.

I was a shy little girl in a small town with all the wonders of nature at my feet.

After moving five times in two years my new classmates would inquire if I could even speak at all. Now, my husband can hardly keep me quiet when we are on shoots.

I grew up with an artist for a mother, always staying up at night on her light table working on her sketches, or getting out the pastels for my sister and I to join her in her visionary quest.

My dad has the mind of an engineer and would always speak to me as if I could understand as he would provide me the details of mechanics and such. Eventually I did begin to understand and I am so thankful for his regard for growing my mind.

From the age of 13 I always had a camera in hand. I was the girl you'd invite to your event just so you'd get some good photos out of it.

I was also a runner, long distance was my thing. As a freshmen in high school I was the best in our county, and by sophomore year I was 13th in the state. My mom always said it's because as a child I always had to be first. I was the one running ahead on our family walks, or ordering everyone into a straight line in the school yard line-up.

I still have my love for nature from my hometown, love of art from my mother, and love of technology from my father. I have the humility of my 4th grade self and the determination to be first in whatever I dedicate myself to. More than this, I have a faith in Christ that secures my hope and my joy so that no obstacles or failures can ever keep me in defeat. Through all my efforts and victories, to him I owe the glory.