Emerson • 31 Weeks

December 23rd, 2017



He said momma about five times this week (as a six month old baby boy), he only really says it when I’m just out of sight as if he is calling out to me but when he has me in his arms or the full attention of my face he is satisfied enough not to repeat himself

He also has really advanced in the recognition of his own name, he will turn to his name and respond consistently and well.


We went to my dads house for an early Christmas and he loved hanging out with his grandpa and grandma, opening presents, exploring in the field behind their house, going on long morning walks and playing with his aunt Angela.

Angela and Juliette are taking an ASL class in college and we’re enjoying signing to Emerson as he smiled and laughed.


We took him to the beach where all the monarch butterflies in the area gather together and fill the skies and trees with gentle flutters as we walked down to the shore to climb trees and watch the ocean.

We also took him tide pooling at shell beach, we went on crisp morning walks everyday with his carrier, explored the tall grass and fox tail things in the field behind his grandma and grandpas house, and we ate a lot of meat.


My dad and Ryan had a lot of fun cooking, roasting, and barbecuing everyday and my tummy was happy as well.

Emerson cut his second tooth (12/21/2017) his bottom right (my left side) was his first tooth to pop out and now the tooth directly next to it is making its pearly white appearance.

He doesn’t smile or giggle with other babies often, in fact, he always seems pretty unimpressed with other babies. He does however love to look in the mirror still or see pictures of himself certainly because he knows he’s the cutest baby in the world but he has also recently seen a picture of me as a baby hanging in my moms house that he loves to look at with a growing smile and gestures of excitement. This makes my heart swell with joy! My baby boy thinks I was a cutie baby and it feels good.

He still loves light sabers as I make a “drrrren-drrrren” sound as we swing it through the air.


He has tried bits of avocado blended with breastmilk as well as whole fat Greek yogurt. He didn’t seem to be a big fan of either but the yogurt made him poop about five times (which is a symptom of baby diarrhea) so we will be nixing that one for a while.

His hair is growing in more and more and it makes him look more grown up, everyone has been commenting on his perfect head shape and swirl on the back of his head and how perfectly perfect he is.