Travel Journal • Scotland Update

It gets hard to remember to write because we are so caught up in exploring and then just wrapping my mind around everything I've just seen! It's so cool being here and touching the walls of buildings and castles and grounds of things I've only ever dreamt of, read about, or seen in movies. It's so cool.


Today we explored the isle of Skye even though we just arrived. It was late, like 8 pm and we ventured down to Elgol which was like an hour each way just to go 16 miles because the roads are so tight and little and covered with sheep! I love looking at all the sheep!


Today we drove the coasts of so many lakes! I call them Lochs because that's what they are here but Ryan calls me a camellion saying that I adapt to each area we venture to, but really I'm just trying to learn the culture an apply it.

I want others to explore the world as much as their heart desires. I know when I was in college I didn't dream of traveling as much as I did after graduation but if you have a dream, you should just do it, whatever it is!

We also went to the Harry Potter bridge—it’s actually called something else entirely but I forget the name at the moment. It was so neat! I touched it and we climbed a nearby mountain to get a better view and Ryan even found a stag horn in the field. We could envision the battling of horns that may have happened to break such a strong piece off the stag head. He’s so excited and I hope to bring it home with us to mount and display at home.


We are stopped on the side of the road in glencoe and Ryan is chatting with an Englishman. He fits right in here in GB because very one lives to chat and so does he. The guy he met today is Derek, yesterday we talked to Allister on the Harry Potter bridge land and talked to a lady named Wilma while we were in Inverness at a cafe.