These Are a Few of My Favorite Things • May 2016

While traveling through Ireland I had been writing to my sister and she asked what are some things that I particularly liked at this point in my life. This is my response:

I like...

  • my sister
  • travels
  • Ryan
  • my kitten
  • plants
  • tea
  • fruit
  • food in general
  • baby stuff
  • plus signs
  • the color gold
  • the color black
  • the color white
  • rings
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • black leather stuff
  • fish to eat or look at
  • waffles, clouds—love looking at clouds and sunsets and sunrises
  • the feeling after exercising
  • massages and foot rubs
  • good TV shows and movies
  • the feeling of winning a game
  • playing board games
  • hiking
  • mountains
  • the ocean
  • water
  • laughing really hard and goofy
  • being so happy I pace around and jump and dance and wiggle