Summer Getaway to Laguna Beach • Table Rock

Last summer we didn't make any beach trips to the Southern CA coast so we made it a point to get some time in with our favorite big blue this week + we couldn't have asked for a better day.

Ryan and I drove up with my little sister, Julieanna, and met her friend Curtis who was in the area and Ry led us to one of his favorite spots. Table Rock is gorgeous, and private which almost made me not want to even post the name of the beach to be honest. I want to preserve the local authenticity and low population, it's what gives this spot it's relaxation. That, and the stunning surroundings. Take a look at the cliffs and wrapping stairway. The rock formations make the waves sweep in as swirls and crash like a giant bubble

The boys played paddle ball and Julieanna and I laid out until I burnt red. I wasn't there for the tan, just the ocean and sand--but surely I should have reapplied my coconut oil a few more times and I'm feeling that regret now.


The waves would come in so strong at this one point on the shore--so big and so powerful. The people would turn into just bobbing heads and I witnessed the lifeguard rescue two people from drifting out to sea. Ryan and Curtis swam over to the archway in the cliffs adjacent to the cove we were in but I was satisfied just looking from a tall rock on my side of the bend.

I'm so in love with Ryan, one thing that I love most about him is how wonderful he is to others. He is such a good companion to many and also a big brother to my baby sis. I love standing back and watching their relationship apart from me he's the big brother to Julieanna that I always wish I had. 

Plus, he's really cute and also loves to play and laugh with me.

We have been to many beaches in our lives, and this place holds a special piece of our hearts. I dream of living at the beach one day--as of now we are about two hours away which is a quick drive for a nice escape, but I still dream. Some of our fav shores have landed us in Hawaii, Croatia, Italy, Brazil, Florida, and of course Ca.

Where is your favorite beach getaway?