Helpful Links • Prepping for Parenting

Here are some interesting links I gathered while I was still pregnant surrounding the wonderful world of parenting:


1. Ted talks:

This is a collection of nine different and interesting Ted Talks about parenting, who doesn’t love a good Ted Talk, am I right?! 

2. Fixed vs growth mindset:

This is a concept I have been reading more and more about in my research but this video just makes it most easily understood and shared. I want to send this video to every grandparent so they at least have exposure to the concept.

(video at bottom)

3. 1st mo. senses development:

I think as pregnant people we tend to research a lot about pregnancy and birth but it’s really essential to be educated on when the baby is actually out in my opionion. This is a nice outline of what our littles experience in their first month so we can be best equipped to help in their development.