Emerson • 32 Weeks

December 30th, 2017



Emerson is amazing at knowing when things are out of place or there’s something different. He can pick out the odd-ball in a batch or know when something has changed. He is intuitive and strong in his mind.

Emerson is also resilient to change and tasks. He has stamina and endurance throughout the day or through events that may otherwise make him tired or upset. He also handles pain incredibly well, even if he gets poked by Leroux’s claw during play, or touches something a little too hot, he gives a little grunt and observes the circumstances to learn from them.

Emerson has also been growing and growing as he is now seven months young but fits socks meant for 18-24 month olds and clothes that can be up to 12-18 months in size.


He doesn’t love solid foods yet or messy play, but I make a point to offer him exploratory time with both each day to encourage him and give him the opportunities to engage with different textures, tastes, sounds, and even temperatures.

He is thriving on breastmilk still and as long as he is growing, healthy, hydrated, and gets a full tummy, I am assured that he is getting all the calories and nutrition he needs directly from me.

I love breastfeeding and everything about it. The bonding, convenience, oxytocin release, eye contact, skin to skin time, effects in my body and especially seeing him thrive in his mind and body and knowing he is fueled by the supply he receives from within me. It’s amazing.

Sometimes I look and think “oh my gosh” because I can see features in his face that will be there forever, like I’m getting a glimpse into the little boy face that will become his big boy face that will one day become his man face... oh my gosh. I can’t think about that yet!

This week emerson also loved showing off his super cool swim moves when we went for a dip with his dad along with Jenna and Kevin in their jacuzzi on Saturday evening.


Emerson also has been wonderfully tolerant of all the icky feelings and burdens that come along with being sick.

My cutie baby boy has his first cold and I have been covering him in prayer, rubbing him with essential oils and salve, giving him warm cuddles in a steam shower, cool air humidifier, essential oils in the nebulizer, skin to skin cuddles, relaxed play time, plenty of breastmilk, and as much rest as he’s willing to have. I love him so much and this morning our Bible verse was meant just for him— “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”