Emerson • 30 Weeks

December 16th, 2017


Crawls to couch to stand and shuffle across or will turn and try to free stand before plopping down to the rug


Little first tooth is a bright white and I pray that his teeth grow in straight and healthy and he never suffers with cavities or oral problems


He has been so much more active and skilled in his movements. For example, when he is in his doorway jumper he will scissor kick in the air and pivot on one foot to twist and turn quickly, he will also follow me as I run in circles around him as he giggles and plays along. He also has begun doing somewhat of a run jump in his jumper which is quite impressive.


He loves the water still and swims with his arms hanging over the kick board so he can swim with his arm strength along with his kicking legs and he enjoys his bath times as well.