Birth • Plan of Action

JFK Hospital 


Early labor:

• Home laboring: watch this helpful video

• Get car ready

• Text:

  • Dad and Marlene so they can drive down (from 5 hours away) 

• Rest

• Take probiotics

• Call my doctor at her office 


Active labor to transition:

•Start acupressure point:

• Leave to hospital

  • Contractions 3-1-2

— 3min apart-1min long- 2hours straight

  • Can't talk between contractions
  • Mood change (irritable, dislike talking)


  • Big ball
  • Peanut ball
  • Placenta cooler and (2) gallon zip locks
  • Yoga mat
  • Snacks (keifer, frozen grapes, apples, banana, dates, coconut water, green drink, protein bar, hard boiled eggs)
  • Car seat
  • Ginger
  • Oils (spray bottle)
  • Crock pot
  • Cameras and cards
  • Chargers
  • Birth plan
  • Hospital bags
  • Headphones/speaker braven
  • Essential oils and diffuser
  • Cookies for nurses


  • Rest of family
  • Joanna (the placenta encapsulator) for placenta pick up 

At hospital & Transition:

Emerson's birth should only be 1-3 hours after arrival 🙌🏻👐🏻🤞🏻

• No phone use, just be present with me

• Set up camera(s) for video/photos

• Remind nurses we will take placenta

(sign papers if needed)

• Switch nurses if we get the nurses my doctor said I wouldn’t like 

one of the perks of really getting on board with my doctor was that she grew to know me well so when I asked her if there were specific nurses at the hospital that may not match up with me as well as others she had some recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask for a different nurse if you two don’t jam well together, it’s a big important event and you want your team to be supportive and awesome.


Post delivery:

• Text & Get placenta to Joanna

• Rest in quiet with Emerson 2hrs+

• Take pictures

(Joseph take pictures of us as new family)

we did not want to hire a birth photographer because we truly wanted to keep the imtimacy of having just us as our little family there. Ryan is a professional photographer (as am I) so he could handle setting up some equipment to capture what we wanted without distracting himself from the events of the day and we chose to have Joseph and Kate (who are actually Emerson’s god-parents) come in after to take some pictures of us as a new little family.

• Tell family

• Get a lot of take home supplies

this was great to get a peri-bottle and pads etc for the less than fun after party that happens in your pants following a baby making way through the birth canal.

Ryan actually set up our toilet diaper sprayer which served as a better alternative to the peri-bottle but the super cute undies (🙅🏻‍♀️) and pads were great to have on hand.