Bengal Birthday • Entering my Late Twenties

This is a big birthday for me as I am leaving my mid-twenties bliss into adulting into my now late-twenties with my husband. 

Twenty-Seven. This is going to be a good year.

I have made some big changes in my life this past year; made new boundaries, met goals big and small, and also launched Five For May. We have travelled and still have big plans to continue forward and now we have  a new little companion to trek along with us. Leroux is our Bengal kitten and has been my birthday present for the year. She is the best birthday present I've ever received and my favorite animal to walk the face of the earth, seriously. 

I'll admit that I've never been a big pet person. I like animals, always have, but pets have always seemed less than desirable to my lifestyle. Leroux, on the other hand, is perfect. She sleeps through the night on her little pillow throne next to my side of the bed made with all the extra pillows we don't sleep with, she cuddles me while I read in the mornings when I wake up before the rest of the house, and she constantly impresses me with her abilities and intelligence.

I waited nine months to have her after researching a breeder and waiting for the right litter to come along. We hoped for her and prepared for her and welcomed her into our home and lives. I had even contacted my breeder by happenstance the moment she was being born, fortunately, because had I not had such an enduring connection with my little baby kitten, the breeder voiced that she would have certainly kept Leroux for future breeding because she is the most beautiful kitten she's ever had. She was born with rosette's, which most Bengal kittens are born with spots that turn into smaller rosette's as they grow. Bengal's are also marked for beauty by not having a little "backpack strap" line around their shoulder, having white in their tails and around their eyes, as well as tall hind legs, among many other characteristics. Leroux was not only born beautiful, she is becoming increasingly gorgeous every day.

Even after she was born we had to wait for her to have time with her momma Bengal before picking her up, which I'm fine with because she learns so many skills and gains confidence and security. When we drove to Newport to gather her, she was adventurous to climb over our laps and pounce around until nuzzling in my lap. She slept the whole way home on Ryan's neck like an airplane pillow and spent the evening curled under my chin over my collar bones.

Bengals live about 20 years so I'm looking forward to having this little cutie as a companion to our family for many years to come. She's the perfect birthday present and one that just keeps giving.

A little secret I have that may not be so secret for my readers is that Ryan and I are hoping to get pregnant, XO. Leroux is already a fun addition to our home dynamic as we prepare to grow, and having her through my pregnancy and growing belly will be something I will cherish forever as well. Most of all I think Leroux will make a sweet buddy for our little babe when the time comes, but for now, she continues to swell my heart with joy.

Give me your best shot at what I should make of my late 20's in the comments below: