About My Childhood

I grew up as the middle of three sisters in South Lake Tahoe California. I was always outside riding my bike as a black stallion, fostering tiny communes of tadpools and butterflies from eggs, hanging in tree forts in the spring and making snow castles in the winter. I remember warm summer evenings on our family boat, chilly mornings fishing in the pond, and my interest in nature fueling my inner being.

I was a skier from the time I could walk and a snowboarder from the time I discovered skiing was for oldies.

I was a shy little girl in a small town with all the wonders of nature at my feet.

After moving five times in two years my new classmates would inquire if I could even speak at all. Now, my husband can hardly keep me quiet when we are on shoots.

I grew up with an artist for a mother, always staying up at night on her light table working on her sketches, or getting out the pastels for my sister and I to join her in her visionary quest.

My dad has the mind of an engineer and would always speak to me as if I could understand as he would provide me the details of mechanics and such. Eventually I did begin to understand and I am so thankful for his regard for growing my mind.

From the age of 13 I always had a camera in hand. I was the girl you'd invite to your event just so you'd get some good photos out of it.

I was also a runner, long distance was my thing. As a freshmen in high school I was the best in our county, and by sophomore year I was 13th in the state. My mom always said it's because as a child I always had to be first. I was the one running ahead on our family walks, or ordering everyone into a straight line in the school yard line-up.

I still have my love for nature from my hometown, love of art from my mother, and love of technology from my father. I have the humility of my 4th grade self and the determination to be first in whatever I dedicate myself to. More than this, I have a faith in Christ that secures my hope and my joy so that no obstacles or failures can ever keep me in defeat. Through all my efforts and victories, to him I owe the glory.